The Kimsey Foundation

The Foundation’s primary focus is on Washington, emphasizing educational and cultural initiatives and building enduring, livable communities that offer hope and opportunity to youth. The Kimsey Foundation also serves the international community through policy research and humanitarian outreach.

Our Mission

The Kimsey Foundation was established in 1996 by James V. Kimsey and is committed to educate, strengthen and serve our world community by:

Supporting educational and cultural initiatives for young people with an emphasis on the delivery of quality, community-based programs that benefit economically disadvantaged youth.

Building enduring, livable communities at home and abroad.

Alleviating human suffering and facilitating a collective response to conditions that give rise to human tragedy.

The Foundation also supports studies that identify global interdependencies and the United States’ role as an engaged world leader.


The Kimsey Foundation is dedicated to helping bring a brighter future for, and tapping into the vast potential of, Washington DC’s youth. The Foundation accomplishes this through a variety of educational programs aimed at providing opportunities for the students and helping to improve the District’s education system.

Improve educational outcomes

Ensure that Washington DC’s children receive the academic preparation and community support needed to succeed in life.

Encourage positive change

Support leadership initiatives and managerial training programs to ensure that the District’s educational institutions maximize opportunities for children.

Stimulate creative expression

Raise awareness of the arts by providing opportunities to experience and take part in cultural activities.


We focus on developing communities through the support of programs that have promise for lasting, positive change. These efforts are aimed at activities that bring individuals together to leverage their collective talents and assets.

Transform neighborhoods

Work with a diverse group of partners and local leaders to provide social support, ensure access to educational opportunities, and encourage civic responsibility in neighborhoods “east of the river.”

Trigger investments

Target promising neighborhood initiatives that provide leadership training, promote the participation of youth and families, and foster organizational effectiveness.

Leverage technology

Exploit advances in technology to capture critical local resource and demographic information; share and extend the reach of this information to citizens and policy advocates throughout Washington, DC.


The Kimsey Foundation is located at:
900 16th Street, NW, Suite 275
Washington, DC 20006

Unfortunately, we are not taking unsolicited requests at the moment or for the foreseeable future.

If you wish to contact us, please email [email protected] . However, due to the large volume of emails we receive, we will be unable to respond to each email individually.

Thank you for your interest in the Kimsey Foundation.